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Fantastic New Colourful Plants Available Now!

We have some absolutely fantastic plants in a huge range of colours available now on our website.

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Realistic Artificial Yukka Plants

Tropical Realistic Artificial Spiky Yukka Plants in Pots

Ideal Indoor Artificial Tropical Plants – Artificial Yukka Where is it suited to? This is a lovely spiky artificial plant ideal for conservatories. It is pretty big standing 90cm (3ft) high which looks very impressive and realistic. It is one of the more popular styles of tropical artificial plants we stock. It is ready to use straight […]

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Artificial Cycas Tree

Ultimate Artificial Cycas Sago Palm Trees

Looking for an artificial palm tree? What about a Sago Cycas Palm? Our artificial Sago Palm trees are stunningly realistic and (we think) better than the real thing. For starters, there is no need to water or prune them. Real Sago Palms are notoriously difficult to prune and maintain and viciously spiky too. Our artificial […]

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Fantastic Statement Artificial Boxwood Topiary Trees with Twisted Trunks

They say an impression is made in the first few seconds and our stunning artificial trees can make your house look fantastic with none of the maintenance! We love these quad-ball artificial topiary trees. They are something a bit different and look fantastic as a pair outside a front door. The leaves on them are […]

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Artificial Cedar Topiary Trees 90cm

Realistic Artificial Cedar / Cypress Topiary Trees – Look Great Anywhere!

90cm Cedar / Cypress Topiary Trees Arranged fantastically with purple gravel by one of our customers! We do love seeing pictures of our artificial plants in use. Obviously we think our plants are great and it is always nice to know when other people think so too! Our 90cm cedar topiary trees are really nice easy […]

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Twisted Artificial Schefflera Gold Capella

Incredibly Realistic Statement Design Artificial Plants – Twisted Stem Schefflera Gold Capella Plant in Black Pot

Ultimate Realism from an Artificial Gold Capella Plant Yet another fantastic realistic plant. This one is an artificial ‘Gold Capella’ Umbrella Tree (also known Schefflera) from the Araliaceae family. Real Gold Capella plants have glossy green leaves margined with light yellow. Our artificial plant version has the same. We have ours trained in a very unusual […]

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Leaf Artificial Plants Choosing & Care Advice

We know a lot about realistic artificial plants. Whether you want to know how to choose or how to secure your artificial trees we have the answers. We have put details of our most commonly asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered please contact us and we will be happy to help! How do […]

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Artificial Ponytail Palm

Fantastic new Nolina Recurvata Artificial Plants now available!

This is without a doubt one of the most realistic plants we offer. Its smooth plastic leaves are multi-tonal giving the impression of fresh shoots. It is however totally artificial and never needs any care other than the odd dusting! These plants are so robust you can even put them under the hose every so […]

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