We have a range of artificial palm and exotic trees available, from Cycas Palms to Dracaena and Yukka Plants. Some of these are quite large so do double check your measurements before ordering!

Extremely popular for bathrooms, conservatories and swimming pool rooms (if you are that lucky!) these plants are all highly realistic and look brilliant either in the pots they come with or re-potted into a larger planter.

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50cm Artificial Sansevieria Dark Green Indoor Plant


65cm Artificial Tropical Yukka Plant – Large


60cm Premium Artificial Mini Palm Tree with pot


70cm Artificial Sansevieria Moonshine Plant


100cm Tall Large Artificial Mango Tree Plant


100cm Large Fox’s Aglaonema (Spotted Evergreen) Tree Artificial Plant with Silver Metal Planter


Artificial Monstera Plant – 80cm Monstera


Artificial Monstera Plant – 60cm Monstera


60cm Artificial Monstera Plant with Golden Metal Planter Included

LEAF-7068-7199 £44.99

80cm Artificial Large Leaf Tropical Banana Plants – 80cm Banana

LEAF-7061 £24.99

90cm Artificial Money Plant Money Tree

LEAF-7228 £39.99 £29.99

90cm Artificial Areca Palm Tree Tree – Large

LEAF-7107 £39.99

55cm Artificial Large Aloe Vera Succulent Plant

LEAF-7094 £39.99

90cm (3ft) Artificial Sansevieria Yellow Green Indoor Plant – Large

LEAF-7100 £39.99

55cm Artificial Sansevieria Yellow Green Indoor Plant

LEAF-7087 £29.99

75cm Artificial Dracaena Plant – Wide Trunk Triple Branch Large

LEAF-7069 £27.99

105cm Artificial Elephant Ear Plant (Colocasia) – Extra Large

LEAF-7051 £34.99

90cm (3ft) Deluxe Artificial Plant Two-Tone Palm Tree – Potted

LEAF-7018 £39.99

100cm Large Fox’s Aglaonema (Spotted Evergreen) Tree Artificial Plant

LEAF-7013 £44.99

110cm Premium Artificial palm tree with pot


70cm Artificial Sansevieria Zeylanica Plant


50cm Mini Artificial Areca Palm


90cm Artificial Areca Palm Plant Twisted Detail Trunk


110cm Artificial Dracaena Yukka Style Spider Palm Tree

£49.99 £34.99
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