Artificial Cycas Tree

Looking for an artificial palm tree?

What about a Sago Cycas Palm?

Our artificial Sago Palm trees are stunningly realistic and (we think) better than the real thing.

For starters, there is no need to water or prune them. Real Sago Palms are notoriously difficult to prune and maintain and viciously spiky too. Our artificial Sago Palms aren’t sharp (thank goodness) but look incredibly realistic down to the fine detail on the trunk, fresh green shooting leaves and detailed leaf structure. 

These are the perfect plant to have in a conservatory or hallway where they look fantastic all year round. Planted into a large planter and covered with gravel these look like the real thing only with no maintenance! We have also seen these trees used by one of our business customers set into an indoor flower bed in an office complex – they look fantastic!

These are available now on our website with fast free delivery included.