We stock a range of beautiful planters ideal for our artificial plants and trees. If you have any trouble choosing or want us to advise which ones are suitable for the plant you are considering just drop us an email.

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26cm Clear Fern Print Glass Bottle Vase

LEAF-40596 £29.99

26cm Grey Smoke Glass Vase

LEAF-40595 £29.99

50cm Smoke Grey Diamond Tall Glass Vase

LEAF-40594 £49.99

49cm Tall Pink Square Glass Vase

LEAF-40593 £39.99

35cm Clear Chunky Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40592 £29.99

30cm Green Waves Glass Vase

LEAF-40591 £29.99

29cm Embossed Chestnut Glass Vase

LEAF-40590 £29.99

35cm Bubble Clear Glass Vase

LEAF-40589 £34.99

40cm Tall Turquoise Glass Vase

LEAF-40588 £34.99

34cm Ridged Ombre Glass Vase

LEAF-40587 £29.99

30cm Brown Geometric Glass Vase

LEAF-40586 £29.99

29cm Clear Glass Diamond Vase

LEAF-40585 £29.99

30cm Smoke Grey Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40584 £29.99

40cm Grey Smoke Bottle Glass Vase

LEAF-40583 £49.99

28cm Green Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40582 £29.99

23cm Diamond Embossed Pink Glass Vase

LEAF-40581 £29.99

30cm Green Cube Glass Vase

LEAF-40580 £29.99

30cm Silver Dot Glass Vase

LEAF-40579 £29.99

28cm Gold Rim Smoke Grey Glass Vase

LEAF-40578 £29.99

31cm Clear Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40577 £29.99

30cm Green Retro Bubble Vase

LEAF-40576 £29.99

35cm Smoke Grey Bubble Vase

LEAF-40575 £29.99

30cm Mulberry Purple Bubble Glass Vase

LEAF-40574 £29.99

30cm Clear Contemporary Glass Vase

LEAF-40573 £29.99
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