At Leaf Artificial Plants we have a huge range of artificial plants – from little ones ideal for windowsills to large statement artificial plants perfect for commercial hallways. Whatever type of artificial plant you are searching for we are confident we will have something to suit your requirements. If you need help choosing a plant please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and we will be happy to assist you. We have split our artificial plants into three sections; Small Artificial Plants – up to 49cm high ideal for smaller spaces or to use together in an arrangement. Medium Artificial Plants – up to 89cm high ideal for tables, windowsills and indoor arrangements. Large Artificial Plants – those over 90cm high which are ideal for conservatories, hallways and displays.

Perfect for just about anywhere these look fantastic all year round and require no maintenance whatsoever which is ideal if you need plants that look good with none of the fuss of real plants. Our smaller plants can be used together to create larger displays. Our artificial houseplants come with pots and are ready to display straight out of the box

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120cm (4ft) Twist Natural Trunk Artificial Topiary Bay Laurel Ball Tree

LEAF-7089 £42.99

150cm Twisted Trunk Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Style Ficus Tree

LEAF-7369 £89.99

120cm (4ft) Fat Leaf Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees – XL

LEAF-7105 £42.99

150cm (5ft) Natural Look Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees – XL

LEAF-7262 £59.99

Artificial Monstera Plant – 60cm Monstera

LEAF-7068 £24.99

130cm Artificial Areca Palm Tree – Extra Large

LEAF-7253N £49.99

60cm Artificial Japanese Aralia Plant Evergreen

LEAF-7066 £24.99

95cm Deluxe Artificial White Plastic Twig Wishing Tree Manzanita Plant

LEAF-7097 £42.99

90cm Artificial Areca Palm Tree Tree – Large

LEAF-7107 £44.99

90cm Artificial Ficus Tree / Plant – Large Bushy Shape

LEAF-7088 £42.99

120cm (4ft) Plain Natural Trunk Artificial Topiary Bay Laurel Ball Tree

LEAF-7209 £39.99

120cm (4ft) Artificial Capensia Tree Ficus Plant – Extra Large

LEAF-7102 £42.99

Artificial Princess Palm Tree – 100cm Brown Trunk

LEAF-7075 £49.99

60cm Artificial Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus Aureus) Plant

LEAF-7067 £24.99

120cm (4ft) Natural Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees – XL

LEAF-7096 £39.99

120cm (4ft) Premium Artificial Areca Palm with pot

LEAF-7296 £49.99

120cm Premium Artificial palm tree with pot

LEAF-7297 £49.99

120cm (4ft) Luxury Monstera Plant Black Pot

LEAF-7208 £44.99

65cm Artificial Large Leaf Bamboo Shrub Plant

LEAF-7140 £34.99

130cm LARGE Realistic White Edge Ficus Artificial Plant Tree

LEAF-7021 £44.99

120cm (4ft) Large Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree Ficus Lyrata Plant

LEAF-7252 £39.99

Artificial Monstera Plant – 100cm Monstera

LEAF-7139 £39.99

140cm Realistic Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree Ficus Tree

LEAF-7171 £99.99

120cm Realistic Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree – Potted – Pink Silk Flowers

LEAF-7255 £47.99
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