Potted, ready to display miniature bonsai trees. Look fantastic in an office or home environment. No watering needed!

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40cm Artificial Ficus Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7521 £29.99

45cm Artificial Twisted Ficus Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7520 £39.99

50cm Artificial Luxury Ficus Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7519 £39.99

25cm Mini Ficus Bonsai in Ceramic Planter

LEAF-7516 £14.99

50cm Artificial Red Maple Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7512 £49.99

50cm Artificial Ficus Large Leaf Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7511 £29.99

60cm Artificial Maple Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7509 £34.99

60cm Artificial Pink Blossom Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7508 £34.99

60cm Artificial White Blossom Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7507 £34.99

22cm Micro Palm Desktop Plant

LEAF-7419 £9.99

50cm Artificial Luxury Pine Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7518 £69.99
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