Looking for a bit of leafy greenery to fill your home? These are the perfect artificial plants. Understated and subtle these will add realism to your planting arrangements with none of the maintanance.

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Artificial Monstera Plant – 60cm Monstera


60cm Artificial Japanese Aralia Plant Evergreen

LEAF-7066 £19.99

65cm Artificial Large Leaf Bamboo Shrub Plant

LEAF-7140 £32.99

60cm Artificial Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus Aureus) Plant

LEAF-7067 £19.99

60cm Bushy Large Artificial Bird’s Nest Fern Plant

LEAF-7050 £24.99

50cm Artificial Money Tree Plant

LEAF-7071 £24.99

40cm Artificial Pittosporum Tobira Ficus – Australian Laurel Plant

LEAF-7039 £24.99

90cm (3ft) Fat Leaf Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees


60cm Artificial Green Stripe Leaf Plant

LEAF-7131 £24.99

90cm (3ft) Large Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree Ficus Lyrata Plant


Artificial Boston Fern Plant – 60cm Boston Fern


50cm Luxury Artificial Evergreen Fern Plant

LEAF-7145 £19.99

70cm Large Bushy Artificial Evergreen House Plant

LEAF-7060 £24.99

Artificial Monstera Plant – 80cm Monstera


45cm Artificial Watermelon Style Leaves Plant

LEAF-7035 £16.99

55cm Dark Green Artificial Schefflera Arboricola Plant

LEAF-7063 £24.99

80cm Artificial Red and Green Ficus Plant

LEAF-7232 £24.99

60cm Artificial Taro Evergreen Plant

LEAF-7065 £24.99

75cm Artificial Dracaena Plant – Wide Trunk Triple Branch Large

LEAF-7069 £27.99

55cm Variegated Artificial Schefflera Arboricola Plant


40cm Artificial Dracaena Pot Plant – Variegated Leaves

LEAF-7079 £14.99

45cm Artificial Taro Plant – 45cm Dark Taro

LEAF-7034 £19.99

65cm Artificial Codiaeum Multicoloured House Plant

LEAF-7082 £21.99

90cm Artificial Codiaeum Multicoloured House Plant – Large

LEAF-7083 £34.99
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