Metal vases and pots, ideal for displaying our plants and flowers.

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26cm Clear Fern Print Glass Bottle Vase

LEAF-40596 £29.99

26cm Grey Smoke Glass Vase

LEAF-40595 £29.99

50cm Smoke Grey Diamond Tall Glass Vase

LEAF-40594 £49.99

49cm Tall Pink Square Glass Vase

LEAF-40593 £39.99

35cm Clear Chunky Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40592 £29.99

30cm Green Waves Glass Vase

LEAF-40591 £29.99

29cm Embossed Chestnut Glass Vase

LEAF-40590 £29.99

35cm Bubble Clear Glass Vase

LEAF-40589 £34.99

40cm Tall Turquoise Glass Vase

LEAF-40588 £34.99

34cm Ridged Ombre Glass Vase

LEAF-40587 £29.99

30cm Brown Geometric Glass Vase

LEAF-40586 £29.99

29cm Clear Glass Diamond Vase

LEAF-40585 £29.99

30cm Smoke Grey Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40584 £29.99

40cm Grey Smoke Bottle Glass Vase

LEAF-40583 £49.99

28cm Green Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40582 £29.99

23cm Diamond Embossed Pink Glass Vase

LEAF-40581 £29.99

30cm Green Cube Glass Vase

LEAF-40580 £29.99

30cm Silver Dot Glass Vase

LEAF-40579 £29.99

28cm Gold Rim Smoke Grey Glass Vase

LEAF-40578 £29.99

31cm Clear Ridged Glass Vase

LEAF-40577 £29.99

30cm Green Retro Bubble Vase

LEAF-40576 £29.99

35cm Smoke Grey Bubble Vase

LEAF-40575 £29.99

30cm Mulberry Purple Bubble Glass Vase

LEAF-40574 £29.99

30cm Clear Contemporary Glass Vase

LEAF-40573 £29.99
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