Metal vases and pots, ideal for displaying our plants and flowers.

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Tall Metal Gold Vase Planter Large 20 x 30cm

LEAF-7317 £24.99

Diamond Metal Decorative Vase – Antique Copper 31 x 15cm

LEAF-7398 £29.99

Tall Metal Gold Vase Planter Medium 17 x 25cm

LEAF-7318 £29.99

Diamond Metal Decorative Vase – Black 31 x 15cm

LEAF-7399 £19.99

38cm Artificial Grass Allium Arrangement in Vase

LEAF-7420 £9.99

Leaf Metal Vase Large 15 x 30cm High Hammered Antique Copper Colour

LEAF-7197 £29.99
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