A range of artificial dracaena plants, ideal for dark corners and entrance hallways.

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100cm Artificial Dracaena Plant Tree with Pot – Premium Range

LEAF-7167 £39.99

75cm Artificial Dracaena Plant – Wide Trunk Triple Branch Large

LEAF-7069 £27.99

40cm Artificial Dracaena Pot Plant – Variegated Leaves

LEAF-7079 £14.99

100cm Artificial Potted Dracaena Tropical Plant


90cm Dracaena Large Green Artificial Dragon Plant Tree

LEAF-7074 £29.99

120cm (4ft) Artificial Variegated Spotted Dracaena Plant Tree Large

LEAF-7173 £44.99

105cm Artificial Dracaena Tree with 2-Tone Realistic Leaves

LEAF-7019 £34.99

125cm Extra Large Artificial Dracaena Plant Tree

LEAF-7134 £39.99

90cm Premium Artificial Dracaena Palm with pot


90cm Extra Wide Dracaena Variegated Large Artificial Dragon Plant Tree

LEAF-7049 £29.99
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