Our range of small sized artificial plants. Perfect for just about anywhere these look fantastic all year round and require no maintenance whatsoever which is ideal if you need plants that look good with none of the fuss of real plants. Our smaller plants can be used together to create larger displays. Most of our artificial houseplants come with pots and are ready to display straight out of the box.

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40cm Artificial Pittosporum Tobira Ficus – Australian Laurel Plant

LEAF-7039 £24.99

60cm Artificial Green Stripe Leaf Plant

LEAF-7131 £24.99

45cm Artificial Watermelon Style Leaves Plant

LEAF-7035 £16.99

40cm Artificial Codiaeum Multicoloured House Plant

LEAF-7085 £14.99

60cm Artificial Agave Succulent Yukka Style Green Plant

LEAF-7170 £29.99

40cm Artificial Dracaena Pot Plant – Variegated Leaves

LEAF-7079 £14.99

45cm Artificial Taro Plant – 45cm Dark Taro

LEAF-7034 £19.99

100cm Artificial Taro Peltandra Virginica Arrow Arum Plant Large Leaves

LEAF-7224 £34.99

30cm Artificial Potted Southern Wood Fern


30cm Artificial Potted Lady Fern (Athyrium Filix-Femina)


45cm Geranium Aralia (Polyscias Guilfoylei) Bush Artificial Plant

LEAF-7022 £24.99

45cm Artificial Taro Plant – 45cm Red Taro


40cm Artificial Caladium Plant with pot


25cm Artificial Pothos Evergreen Indoor Plant

LEAF-7137 £14.99
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