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150cm Twisted Trunk Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Style Ficus Tree

LEAF-7369 £89.99

150cm (5ft) Natural Look Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees – XL

LEAF-7262 £59.99

95cm Deluxe Artificial White Plastic Twig Wishing Tree Manzanita Plant

LEAF-7097 £42.99

90cm Artificial Ficus Tree / Plant – Large Bushy Shape

LEAF-7088 £42.99

65cm Artificial Large Leaf Bamboo Shrub Plant

LEAF-7140 £34.99

130cm Luxury Artificial Wisteria Tree White Flowers – Premium Range

LEAF-7388 £64.99

Artificial Boston Fern Plant – 60cm Boston Fern

LEAF-7104 £24.99

55cm Artificial Sansevieria Yellow Green Indoor Plant

LEAF-7087 £34.99

90cm Artificial Evergreen Ficus Tree

LEAF-7372 £39.99

110cm Artificial Purple Wisteria Tree

LEAF-7174 £49.99

70cm Large Bushy Artificial Evergreen House Plant

LEAF-7060 £29.99

125cm Luxury Artificial Olive Tree – Premium Range

LEAF-7384 £79.99

90cm Luxury Smilax Sarsaparilla Artificial Ficus Tree – Premium Range

LEAF-7386 £54.99

80cm Boxwood Artificial Topiary Buxus Ball Tree – Extra Wide 45cm Diameter

LEAF-7166 £49.99

60cm Artificial Green Stripe Leaf Plant

LEAF-7131 £26.99

55cm Dark Green Artificial Schefflera Arboricola Plant

LEAF-7063 £29.99

65cm Artificial Luxury Artificial Orchid – 3 Stems – Soft White Plant

LEAF-7040 £34.99

100cm Luxury Artificial Mini Ruscus Tree – Premium Range

LEAF-7387 £49.99

60cm Artificial Taro Evergreen Plant

LEAF-7065 £24.99

55cm Variegated Artificial Schefflera Arboricola Plant

LEAF-7056 £21.99

75cm Premium Artificial Cactus with pot

LEAF-7281 £49.99

65cm Luxury Artificial Olive Tree Bush – Premium Range

LEAF-7385 £39.99

60cm (2ft) Artificial Alocasia Amazonica Polly Taro Plant

LEAF-7136 £24.99

100cm Premium Artificial Cactus with pot

LEAF-7280 £54.99
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