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120cm (4ft) Fat Leaf Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees – XL

LEAF-7105 £39.99

150cm (5ft) Natural Look Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees – XL

LEAF-7262 £59.99

95cm Deluxe Artificial White Plastic Twig Wishing Tree Manzanita Plant

LEAF-7097 £42.99

60cm Artificial Japanese Aralia Plant Evergreen

LEAF-7066 £24.99

90cm Artificial Ficus Tree / Plant – Large Bushy Shape

LEAF-7088 £42.99

60cm Artificial Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus Aureus) Plant

LEAF-7067 £24.99

90cm (3ft) Fat Leaf Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees

LEAF-7234 £34.99

105cm Artificial Elephant Ear Plant (Colocasia) – Extra Large

LEAF-7051 £37.99

60cm Bushy Large Artificial Bird’s Nest Fern Plant

LEAF-7050 £27.99

90cm (3ft) Artificial Sansevieria Yellow Green Indoor Plant – Large

LEAF-7100 £44.99

Artificial Boston Fern Plant – 60cm Boston Fern

LEAF-7104 £24.99

50cm Artificial Money Tree Plant

LEAF-7071 £24.99

150cm Artificial Japanese Maple Tree

LEAF-7095 £79.99

80cm Premium Artificial Mini Palm Tree with pot

LEAF-7294 £39.99

70cm Large Bushy Artificial Evergreen House Plant

LEAF-7060 £29.99

90cm Artificial Ficus 90cm Plant Green – Large

LEAF-7101 £37.99

55cm Artificial Sansevieria Yellow Green Indoor Plant

LEAF-7087 £34.99

75cm Artificial Dracaena Plant – Wide Trunk Triple Branch Large

LEAF-7069 £34.99

102cm Geranium Aralia (Polyscias Guilfoylei) Artificial Plant Tree

LEAF-7020 £37.99

90cm (3ft) Artificial Yukka Plant – Large

LEAF-7098 £44.99

55cm Dark Green Artificial Schefflera Arboricola Plant

LEAF-7063 £29.99

60cm Artificial Luxury Orchid – Triple Stem – Pink Realistic Plant

LEAF-7044 £34.99

100cm Artificial Cymbidium Orchid Plant – Extra Large – Purple Flowers

LEAF-7243 £39.99

100cm Tall Large Artificial Mango Tree Plant

LEAF-7237 £36.99
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