Beautiful Leaf™ Artificial Flowers are the perfect solution to brighten up a dark room. With no need to water them and only needing the occasional dusting they are low maintenance too! We have a large range of orchids, flowering plants and flowering bushes to choose from. Most of the flowering plants on our site come potted and are ready to display although it is possible to put them inside larger planters to change the style if you wish.

Flowering large plants look fantastic just about anywhere. They don’t die, don’t need watering and look amazing all year round. The best thing is that they look so realistic no one will even realise they are artificial plants! When it comes to large artificial plants with flowers ours are some of the most realistic available and make an ideal centerpiece for a table or windowsill.

Leaf ™ Artificial Orchids Add a splash of beauty to any room. Our artificial orchids come in an array of colours and require no maintenance. All our orchids come ready potted and can be displayed straight out of the box with no messing around. If you want to re-pot your orchid to get a different look that is easy to do – simply pop it straight into a larger planter and cover with soil, bark or gravel and you have an instantly beautiful artificial orchid.

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12 x 60cm Artificial Lily Stem White (144 Flowers)

40148x12-PACK-W £59.99

60cm Artificial Lily Stem White

LEAF-40148 £9.99

65cm Artificial Orchid White in Glazed Planter

7364-V2AZ £34.99

48cm White Artificial Orchid in Metal Planter

LEAF-7414 £9.99

55cm Artificial Blossoming Orchid Display in Ceramic Planter

LEAF-7413 £34.99

30cm Artificial White Mini Blossom Plant

LEAF-7407 £14.99

65cm Artificial Orchid White in Glazed Planter

LEAF-7364 £34.99

70cm Artificial Orchid White with Gold Dish Ceramic Planter

LEAF-7358 £39.99

70cm Artificial Orchid White with Black Ceramic Planter

LEAF-7361 £29.99

70cm Artificial Orchid White with Silver Ceramic Planter

LEAF-7355 £34.99

100cm Artificial Cymbidium Orchid Plant – Extra Large – White Flowers

LEAF-7241 £34.99

90cm (3ft) Artificial Lily Stargazer Style Lillies Plant Large Flowers White

LEAF-7251 £34.99

60cm Artificial Luxury Orchid – Triple Stem – White Realistic Plant

LEAF-7043 £29.99

85cm Artificial Deluxe Bush Orchid – White

LEAF-7226 £45.99

65cm Artificial Luxury Artificial Orchid – 3 Stems – Soft White Plant

LEAF-7040 £29.99

24cm Purple Artificial Orchid in White Ceramic Display Planter

LEAF-7412 £14.99
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