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45cm Artificial Lavender Plant

LEAF-7596 £19.99

40cm Artificial Begonia Maculata Plant

LEAF-7671 £16.99

60cm Artificial Luxury Orchid -Triple Stem – Purple Realistic Plant

LEAF-7582 £24.99

18cm Ceramic White Cat Planter with Artificial Pink and Purple Succulent Plant

LEAF-7471 £11.99

13cm Set of Three Mini Ceramic Cube Planters with Artificial Succulent Plants

LEAF-7468-3PCS £19.99

28cm Ceramic Tall Blue Planter with Artificial Purple Vitex Negundo Plant

LEAF-7465 £14.99

25cm Ceramic Blue Dish Planter with Artificial Purple Vitex Negundo Plant

LEAF-7430 £14.99

38cm Artificial Rose Arrangement in Vase

LEAF-7418 £14.99

38cm Artificial Orchid in Black Ceramic Bowl Planter

LEAF-7411 £24.99

30cm Artificial Lavender Grass Plant with Stoneware Planter

LEAF-7409 £14.99

100cm Artificial Cymbidium Orchid Plant – Extra Large – Purple Flowers

LEAF-7243 £39.99

60cm Artificial Hydrangea Plant

LEAF-7077 £24.99
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