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50cm Luxury Artificial Evergreen Fern Plant

LEAF-7145 £24.99

50cm Artificial Money Tree Plant

LEAF-7071 £24.99

50cm Artificial Palm Tree Plant – Compact Shape

LEAF-70847532 £19.99

Pair of 50cm Dwarf Artificial Bay Trees Laurel Topiary Bushes

LEAF-7091-PAIR £44.99

50cm Dwarf Artificial Bay Tree Laurel Topiary Bush

LEAF-7091 £29.99

50cm Artificial Luxury Pine Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7518 £69.99

50cm Bushy Artificial Bird’s Nest Fern Plant

LEAF-7081 £19.99

50cm Artificial Sansevieria Dark Green Indoor Plant

LEAF-7580 £19.99

50cm Mini Artificial Areca Palm

LEAF-7532 £19.99

50cm Artificial Luxury Ficus Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7519 £59.99

50cm Artificial Luxury Willow Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7517 £59.99

50cm Artificial Evergreen Foliage Plant with Berries

LEAF-7530 £22.99

50cm Artificial Ficus Rounded Leaf Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7515 £34.99
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