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40cm Artificial Pittosporum Tobira Ficus – Australian Laurel Plant

LEAF-7039 £24.99

40cm Artificial Codiaeum Multicoloured House Plant

LEAF-7085 £14.99

40cm Artificial Dracaena Pot Plant – Variegated Leaves

LEAF-7079 £14.99

40cm Artificial Caladium Plant with pot

LEAF-7288 £24.99

Artificial Christmas Xmas Red Poinsettia 40cm Potted Houseplant

LEAF-7545 £14.99

40cm Artificial Mini Desktop Plant

LEAF-7415 £9.99

40cm Artificial Podocarpus Pine Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7514 £39.99

40cm Artificial Ficus Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7521 £34.99

40cm Artificial Mixed Floral Spring Display in Planter

LEAF-7410 £29.99

Artificial Christmas Xmas Red Poinsettia 40cm Gold Honeycomb Metal Planter

LEAF-7545-7397 £34.99
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