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45cm Artificial Watermelon Style Leaves Plant

LEAF-7035 £16.99

Artificial Monstera Plant – 100cm Monstera


90cm Artificial Ficus 90cm Plant Green – Large

LEAF-7101 £34.99

130cm Artificial Princess Palm Tree Natural Trunk

LEAF-7258 £49.99

50cm Artificial Palm Tree Plant – Compact Shape

LEAF-7084 £14.99

120cm (4ft) Artificial Topiary Bay Tree Pyramid Cone – Extra Large

LEAF-7092 £49.99

Artificial Princess Palm Tree – 100cm White Trunk


Artificial Monstera Plant – 80cm Monstera


50cm Dwarf Artificial Bay Tree Laurel Topiary Bush

LEAF-7091 £24.99

60cm Artificial Taro Evergreen Plant

LEAF-7065 £19.99

90cm (3ft) Deluxe Artificial Plant Two-Tone Palm Tree – Potted

LEAF-7018 £39.99

120cm Premium Artificial palm tree with pot


130cm Luxury Artificial Wisteria Tree White Flowers – Premium Range


40cm Artificial Dracaena Pot Plant – Variegated Leaves

LEAF-7079 £12.99

125cm Extra Large Artificial Dracaena Plant Tree

LEAF-7134 £39.99

Artificial Monstera Plant – 120cm Monstera


140cm EXTRA LARGE Artificial Flowering Rhododendron Bush Tree

LEAF-7249 £49.99

45cm Artificial Taro Plant – 45cm Dark Taro

LEAF-7034 £19.99

120cm Artificial Large Leaved Evergreen Tall Variegated Plant

LEAF-7223 £32.99

100cm Luxury Artificial Mini Ruscus Tree – Premium Range


80cm Artificial Red and Green Ficus Plant

LEAF-7232 £24.99

90cm (3ft) Large Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree Ficus Lyrata Plant


90cm (3ft) Artificial Lilies Stargazer Style Lily Plant Large Flowers Pink


50cm Artificial Potted Peacock Fern Plant

LEAF-7144 £17.99
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