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Large Artificial Ferns Display with XL Metal Silver Bowl Planter 50x65cm


60cm (2ft) Spiky Artificial Cactus Plant with Silver Metal Planter


120cm (4ft) Fat Leaf Artificial Bamboo Plants Trees – XL

LEAF-7105 £34.99

100cm Artificial Cymbidium Orchid Plant – Extra Large – Dark Pink Flowers

LEAF-7076 £34.99

130cm LARGE Realistic White Edge Ficus Artificial Plant Tree

LEAF-7021 £39.99

105cm Artificial Elephant Ear Plant (Colocasia) – Extra Large

LEAF-7051 £32.99

90cm (3ft) Artificial Bushy Cedar Cone Cypress Conifer Topiary Tree

LEAF-7006 £29.99

70cm Artificial Twisted Stem Modern Arboricola Artificial Plant Bonsai Bush

LEAF-7002 £29.99

120cm Realistic Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree – Potted – White Silk Flowers


130cm Artificial Red & Green Ficus Tree

LEAF-7231 £39.99

120cm (4ft) Artificial Variegated Spotted Dracaena Plant Tree Large

LEAF-7173 £44.99

75cm Artificial Arboricola Gold Capella Plant

LEAF-7008 £29.99

105cm Artificial Dracaena Tree with 2-Tone Realistic Leaves

LEAF-7019 £34.99

110cm Artificial Purple Wisteria Tree

LEAF-7174 £49.99

Artificial Boston Fern Plant – 50cm Boston Fern

LEAF-7103 £19.99

80cm Boxwood Artificial Topiary Buxus Ball Tree – Extra Wide 45cm Diameter

LEAF-7166 £49.99

90cm (3ft) Artificial Yukka Plant – Large

LEAF-7098 £39.99

95cm Umbrella Tree Dark Green Artificial Ficus Plant

LEAF-7057 £34.99

100cm Artificial Umbrella Tree Ficus Indoor Plant – Extra Large

LEAF-7058 £34.99

65cm Artificial Luxury Artificial Orchid – 3 Stems – Soft White Plant

LEAF-7040 £27.99

90cm (3ft) Large Artificial Yukka Plant Spiky Tree Plant Realistic

LEAF-7010 £32.99

90cm Large Rubber Plant Artificial Tree Ficus Elastica

LEAF-7014 £39.99

Artificial Princess Palm Tree – 100cm White Trunk


50cm Artificial Palm Tree Plant – Compact Shape

LEAF-7084 £14.99
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