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Artificial Monstera Plant – 60cm Monstera

LEAF-7068 £24.99

60cm Artificial Japanese Aralia Plant Evergreen

LEAF-7066 £24.99

60cm Artificial Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus Aureus) Plant

LEAF-7067 £24.99

Artificial Boston Fern Plant – 60cm Boston Fern

LEAF-7104 £24.99

60cm Bushy Large Artificial Bird’s Nest Fern Plant

LEAF-7050 £27.99

60cm Artificial Agave Succulent Yukka Style Green Plant

LEAF-7170 £34.99

60cm Artificial Green Stripe Leaf Plant

LEAF-7131 £26.99

60cm Artificial Luxury Orchid – Triple Stem – Pink Realistic Plant

LEAF-7044 £34.99

60cm Artificial Luxury Orchid -Triple Stem – Pink Realistic Plant

LEAF-7046 £29.99

60cm Artificial Taro Evergreen Plant

LEAF-7065 £24.99

60cm Artificial Luxury Orchid – Triple Stem – White Realistic Plant

LEAF-7043 £29.99

60cm Premium Artificial Mini Palm Tree with pot

LEAF-7578 £29.99

60cm (2ft) Artificial Alocasia Amazonica Polly Taro Plant

LEAF-7136 £24.99

60cm Artificial Hydrangea Plant

LEAF-7077 £24.99

60cm Artificial Ficus Tree / Plant – Large Bushy Shape

LEAF-7562 £29.99

60cm Artificial Pink Blossom Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7508 £34.99

60cm Artificial White Blossom Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7507 £34.99

60cm Artificial Natural Moss Base Fern Foliage Plant

LEAF-7525 £34.99

60cm Artificial Maple Bonsai Tree

LEAF-7509 £34.99

60cm Artificial Monstera Plant with Golden Metal Planter Included

LEAF-7068-7199 £49.99

60cm Artificial Twisted Stem Vine Monstera Plant

LEAF-7538 £36.99

60cm Artificial Twisted Stem Monstera Plant

LEAF-7542 £36.99

60cm Premium Artificial Variegated Artificial Ficus Ball in Pot

LEAF-7404 £39.99

60cm (24″) Large Luxury Christmas Red Berry Floristry Wreath

LEAF-7616 £39.99
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